"Vault API support" - does that mean public API?

I am confused what vault API support means. I would love to add passwords and users via API, is that possible yet? Or only via CLI?
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Bitwarden_rs does not support the public API (yet). Only way would be the vault-api which is used by all clients including the cli version.

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I am looking at integrating a product that only supports Hashicorp Vault API (Gitlab), but actually sending requests to Vaultwarden.

Any chance for that “Vault API support” to be compatible with Hashicorp’s Vault API? (at least the KV store, v2).

There is probably no chance of that happening. Hashicorp vault is totally different. If there is going to be API support in Vaultwarden besides the current client API, then it will be Bitwarden API Documentation

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