Client API - data encrypted


we are trying to use Vaultwarden client API. Authorization by access token succeeds but when we try access data by GET request the data is encrypted. I know that Bitwarden CLI is able to connect to Vaultwarden server and retrieve data in decrypted format. The question is: Is there ready solution at which we can take a look to solve issue of decrypting data coming from client API?

To decrypt you need to follow the white paper from Bitwarden on how there encryption works. There are also several libraries which can do that for you, you just have to search for it for ypur language you use.

An other option would be to use the serve cli feature, which exposes a simple api.

Thank You, do You know any libs for python?

A simple look on will provide a lot of options.
But the one i know works (at least a few months ago) is bitwardentools · PyPI / GitHub - corpusops/bitwardentools: bitwarden python api client and additional tools like for migrating from vaultier to bitwarden (bitwarden_rs)

You could also checkout bitwarden-sdk · PyPI / sdk/languages/python at main · bitwarden/sdk · GitHub which is the official library from Bitwarden, i only have never used it, so no clue if that will work.