API does not work 404

I am testing Vaultwarden API.
Do I understand correctly that some of the API’s functions are present in Vaultwarden, such as events?
It says here “Vaultwarden implements the Bitwarden APIs required for most functionality, including:”

I’m sending a request (it doesn’t matter whether it uses a token or not).
curl -X POST https://MY_URL.org/api/public/events

I get response

{“error”:{“code”:404,“description”:“The requested resource could not be found.”,“reason”:“Not Found”}}

I get this same response for all functions.
I don’t understand which functions work and which don’t.

If you continue reading to the missing features section you can see that Vaultwarden does not implement the Bitwarden Public API

If you start vaultwarden with LOG_LEVEL=debug you can see all implemented endpoints.

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thanks. I have to change manager, vaultwarden is upgrading very slow, unfortunately

@sinyakin What do you mean with upgrading very slow?
If you mean it is missing some features, then you are free to add them.
If you need more features i suggest to use Bitwarden it self.

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