API functions to bulk write entries

VaultWarden caught my attention as it fulfills much of the needs that Keepass could not anymore.

That said, I have years of entries invested in Keepass, so I’m writing a tool in that would extract all of my entries/groups/etc, and serialize them in JSON.

Now, as a per-user migrating tool to VaultWarden, I’m wondering if there are any APIs available that I could use to mass-insert my JSON (or any other format) into VW ?


Have you seen Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help Center

That is supported also by the CLI which could be useful.
Else you might want to checkout Password Manager CLI | Bitwarden Help Center

TBH, I’m just getting me feet wet with the APIs. I did not expect anyone to “hand feed me” with full examples and whatnot. I just wanted to ensure that such API calls were possible (I wouldn’t imagine such a product without that, but, hey, one never knows) before diving in.

Thanks, @BlackDex , that’s exactly what I wanted for an answer