Personal API Key / CLI

Thank you the team and all contributors for this very useful version :raised_hands:t2:

I hope I am not duplicating a feature request (I didn’t found it).

I am using this version of “bitwarden” for personal and open source projects and I wish to implement some automated actions for testing et sharing some solutions for automation.
The MFA is not an option for me, but with the MFA I can not authenticate a “Service Account” via CLI from an automated action (ex: GitHub Action, DevOps, etc.)

That can be really useful and appreciate having a Personal API Key to authenticate CLI scripts.

Other people are in the same case?

Thank you very much!

As Vaultwarden is meant to replicate the upstream project as much as possible the devs tends to try to avoid changes on how things are implemented.

I would recommend going to the official forums for further support with this.
There does appear to be a similar posting I found so you may have luck with the suggested OAUTH toolkit program recommended there.

Edit: I found supported features within the official version for API support within the CLI to authenticate.
But this appears not to be in Vaultwarden yet, hopefully it does get implemented to fullfil this request.

Bitwardan has API key support, only Vaultwarden doesn’t (Yet).
It is on the list tho [META] Feature Requests · Issue #246 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

Also, Vaultwarden does not support the api provide by Bitwarden right now. Only the client/web-vault API which are different.


Thank you!
Yes, I read the Bitwarden documentation and I compared the features with Vaultwarden. I understand that some features are not available (yet) and have no trouble with that.
As I said, In my case and maybe for someone else, the API key feature available with Bitwarden can be a good addition to Vaultwarden to help developers with automation without losing 2FA.
I can’t wait for the release that will include this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

And once again, thank you for your awesome job! :muscle:t2:

Hi !
So happy to see the new release that includes the API Key feature. I will try it now :slight_smile:

Thank you very much community and especially @jjlin :pray:t2: