Problem with deleted organization

I have a problem: I deleted the organization from the owner of the organization, but the organization remained in the admin panel and when I try to delete it, I get an error deleting the organization and error saving the organization. How i can remove it?

How did you do that? Did you manually delete the corresponding entry in the users_organizations table? (I’m asking because removing the organization from the last owner should not be possible without also deleting the organization.)

What needs to be done to reproduce the problem
Go to the organization settings
and click delete organization being the owner
Log in to the admin panel
And you will see that the organization still exists but there is no one in it

Well, following your steps does not result in an empty organization on my end so it’s not reproducible this way.

If this always happens on your end can you please post the generated support string from the /admin panel and also share the logs (with LOG_LEVEL=debug) when you delete an organization?

Presumably one of these calls fails but without more info it’s hard to pin down the issue (assuming it’s not caused by a corrupt database or something else).