Remove entry from organization


To test something first, I installed vaultwarden v2024.1.2.
I created an account and an organization, all fine.
I then created some entries and moved some to the organization.
Now i see the entrys in the tresor and see as owner my TEST organization, all okay.

But now i have a problem?
How can i remove an entry from organization back to my own tresor?
I don’t see a choice for this anywhere?

Thanks :wink:

See: Organizations Quick Start | Bitwarden Help Center

You move an item to an organization, at which point the organization is owner of that item.
You can only clone that cipher back to your account, and then, if allowed, you can delete that cipher from the organization.

THANKS, a bit complicated, but it works :grinning:

Have still another question :wink:
Have vreated an organization “TEST” and an email address.
Is there a way to change name or email address from the organization?
In the settings the two fields are grayed out, so i can not edit.
Thanks :slight_smile:

That is a small bug which will be fixed soon.

okay, thanks, so i will waiting… :wink: