[SOLVED] Block creation of new organizations

Currently, any user can create a new organization. This should only be done from the admin page. I have found if a user creates a org, they will become the owner of it and prevents the admin from removing them from the system. This could create a security concern as this will prevent me from purging them from the system in the event of a termination.

There’s already an issue open for the user deletion limitation. Aside from that, is there another reason you would want to prevent users from creating orgs?

Thank you for the reply.
Aside from appeasing management that they have full control, no. My primary concern was the removal of user issue.

A small update:

At the beginning of August this feature has been added. You now can control of everybody, nobody, or only specific users are able to create orgs.
See: https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs/blob/8746d36845265c661b477c171fc953a0adb29257/.env.template#L135