Why every users can create an organization?

As topic…I am currently in testing but every normal users can create an organization…how to avoid this?

Searching on the source i found this on the admin panel
“Org creation users”

/// Org creation users > Allow org creation only by this list of comma-separated user emails.
/// Blank or ‘all’ means all users can create orgs; ‘none’ means no users can create orgs.

O I must whitelist myself

The options is not working. I tryed with my own email address and with “none” too.
The users always see the “create new organization” button.
Please help me

The button can’t be removed dynamically, but the user won’t be allowed to create an org. Try it and see…

yeah you are right!
for better experience the organization button should be removed but ok. fair enoigth

@riccardo_centropaghe We do not maintain the web-vault it self, so trying to dynamically alter it is not that easy. without adding more custom logic to it then we already have which could break very easily on updates from the bitwarden.com side.