Error can't delete last owner, but it ISN'T the last owner

A user here forgot his password, so I need to delete and recreate his account. When I try to delete, I get an error saying that I can’t delete the last owner. But this user is not the last owner. There are still two others (myself included).
Apparently when I was out, this user also tried to create a new account on his own (presumably using the original invite email I sent him). So an account with his email address is in the admin panel, but he does not show up in the Members panel for the organization.
When I try to demote him from the admin panel, I get another error saying I can’t change the type of the last owner. Ugh.
What do I do?

Figured it out.
When he created a new account, it created a new organization with the same name. When I went into organizations, I could see the second one with 1 member and no items. So I nuked that first and then was able to delete his user.

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