iOS clients crash

I just happen to have a new phenomenon on iOS, both iPad (Touch ID) and iPhone (Face ID).
When I launch the iOS apps and either use touch ID, Face ID, or enter the master passphrase manually, the apps crash.

  • I have updated self-hosted Bitwarden server on Synology in a Docker container to the latest version all right.

  • Tried to logout and login again, few seconds after login the iOS apps crash

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled iOS clients to no avail

  • I have rebooted iPhone and iPad to no avail

  • iOS and client apps are up to date

  • Standalone mac client, browser plugin and web vaults are working fine

I’d be thankful for any pointers as for now I don’t know what else I could try to resolve the problem.

Just noted that the apps don’t crash -> quit, but crash -> minimise.
Tried a second uninstall -> reboot -> reinstall -> loging -> 2FA -> crash.
Looks like a fetch crash.

I’m having similair issues on Android, but also something on browsers:

  • When logged in and trying to unlock bitwarden, the screen dissapears (force close?)

  • When logged in on Edge/Chrome/Firefox with the bitwarden extension, my password isn’t accepted. It says Invalid master password

  • This only happens on my own 2FA account. The accounts without 2FA work fine

  • Also on a self-hosted Bitwarden updated to the latest version. Running it on Ubuntu server with docker-compose.

  • Reinstalled clients

  • Even created a new account for myself and then imported all the passwords from the old bitwarden account

I don’t see anything in the logs, so it looks like a client side issue. But I cannot find a hit on google with the same issue. So is it bitwarden_rs or just something in the clients?

that’s interesting because this afternoon I installed the Bitwarden extension on Firefox on my Mac and got a message there as well that the Master Password was incorrect, although I am sure I typed it correctly.

Since my other prob relates only to iOS client problems I also wondered if it is a client side problem or not. I found a similar description to my problem on the github page of Bitwarden; but there reinstalling and logging in again seemed to do the trick; which didn’t in my case.

I’ll wait and see for further comments or wait for the next docker update or eventually next Bitwarden update. It’s a bit frustrating after month of smooth self-hosting.

thanks for sharing your experience.

Don’t know what changed, but since a few days I can just unlock my clients both on the browsers as on my phone again.
So that’s great :smiley: