Problems to login after lock (re-login)

I am so happy with bitwardenrs (on a raspberry pi).
Rocksolid, never crashed, always got fast support.
Thank you for this!

I had the problem that i could not relogin after i was automatically locked (after 15min).
bitwardenrs never confirmed my masterpassword then.
I worked around that by automatically logged out (not locked) bc logging in with the masterpassword was no problem.

On my iphone i now have the problem that i cannot confirm Face-ID bc the app/server does not accept my masterpassword-confirmation.
I think it is the same problem like decribed with firefox but in that case i do not have a satisfying workaround.
I now use the PIN…

Any ideas?

Please make sure you have the latest (or testing) version running.
You should at least be on version 1.18 (and 2.17.1 for the web-vault).

Could you post some more information? Like a screenshot of the admin/diagnostics page for example.

Hello BlackDex,
i hoped that an update would be the solution, so i updated before posting here.
Where is the diagnostics-page?
In the vault?

That is located at the admin interface.

Where bw.domain.tld is your own domain where your bitwarden is running.