Login with device failed

When I click on the latest version of the iPhone app V2023.10.0 to authorize a login , it says “we were unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us.”
I use the self-hosted connection
I’m using docker on synology
The https connection via web works
Thanks for your help.

You are probably using an older version of Vaultwarden. Check which version you are running.

In web i’ve got
© 2023, Bitwarden Inc. (Powered by Vaultwarden)
Version 2.20.4
I don’t know how to get the version of the docker image

That is a very very old version.

From somewhere 2021.
You are probably still using bitwardenrs instead of vaultwarden docker repo.

Thanks for yuor help :slight_smile:

Then maybe a docker mirror?

But your are way behind.

Check your tooling on how to update images.

I updated images in Version 2023.10.0 and it’s ok thanks for all

Since the HTTPS connection via the web works, it’s likely not an SSL issue, but it’s still worth double-checking that your SSL certificate is correctly configured and recognized by your iPhone.