Firefox Extension Won't Unlock

My firefox extension won’t unlock after I close the Browser.

I can access my BW RS over https locally by the domain name, and for what it’s worth, it’s also currently internet facing.

I used to use Chrome, and the Chrome extension extensively with no issues. I recently switched to Firefox and I’m seeing issues with the extension.

When I try to log in after having the browser closed, it will fail and say Master Password is Invalid.

I have to click log out, and then login. Now the password screen also has my email address. If I submit my password now, it logs in fine and I have access to my vault again.

Once I close the browser though, it will lock, and can’t be unlocked with just my password. I have to log out, and log in with my username and password. Here’s a couple screen shots.

You probably have an old version of bitwarden_rs running which is missing some endpoints to fix this. Please update your environment and try again