Firefox addon: Can't recover login challenge

Tested against bitwarden unified docker image: no error.

If I quit firefox while the add-on is logged in, the next time firefox starts and I login (2fa webauthn yubikey) it says: “Can’t recover login challenge” but I’m actually logged in and can use my vault.

Firefox addon setting: Logout on browser restart.

If I logout and login immediately: no error
If I logout, restart firefox, login: no error
Error is only following browser restart while logged in.
Not happening with web vault, only firefox addon.

In the 2024.4.1 version of the firefox addon this problem has disappeared.
Despite my Firefox addon setting still being: “Logout on browser restart”, the behavior now is to only lock the vault on browser restart thus avoiding the error.
This issue is solved even though bitwarden seems to have avoided the problem by not respecting the user setting to logout on browser restart.

I’ve had the same issue on Chrome extension. However, today, after updating to 2024.4.2 everything is working properly.

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