Problem with firefox bitwarden plugin

Hi folks,

since last week I have the problem that I get following error message when I try to login into my bitwarden account with the firefox addon:

The server works well. I see no error in the server log. I removed the addon for 2 days from my browser and reinstalled it. But that fixed nothing.
I have no problems on a different computer with google chrome.

Is it a common bug with the firefox plugin? Can somebody help me purging the plugin from firefox or get the logs which hopefully have more information as “A Error occured” …


Nobody has a solution for this problem?
Sounds bad…

I have seen some issues regarding the FF extension for Bitwarden, you are best looking for general solutions regarding the Bitwarden clients on their official users forums.

Here is one relevant post I had found,
Can't log in to BW plugin or website in Firefox 97.0.1 (Fedora Linux) - Ask the Bitwarden Community - Bitwarden Community Forums?

Answere there is, that are no problems with bitwarden at the moment.

Are you able to connect to your server with the browser extensions in another browser such as Chrome or Edge?
Perhaps also try with the Desktop application as well, I’m curious to see what the issue would be as you mentioned the web vault appears to be working.

Have you also tried any of the mobile applications on Android or iOS with your Vaultwarden install?

It works with chrome on different systems.
It works in browser.
It doesn’t work with firefox on my macbook (addon).
It doesn’t work with firefox on my windows pc (addon).

There are some extensions which tend to block or disrupt other extensions. Please try to disable ad blocking and other privacy protection add-ons and see if that solves the issue.

Im using the firefox add-on without any issues.

I disabled all plugins. But that didn’t fix the problem.
It is annoying, that this problem appears on multiple different computers…

@BlackDex are you sure, you have the newest firefox version and the newest bitwarden plugin installed?

I am using the latest version of firefox (99.0.1), vaultwarden (1.24.0), and the bitwarden extension (1.57.0) and I don’t have any issues either. Which vaultwarden version are you running?

I’m running the (newest) main branch from github in a docker container.

Yes I’m sure I’m using the latest testing docker version. As the latest extension together with Firefox 100.

Okay, is there a debug mode for vaultwarden rs? There are no error messages while using the firefox plugins. It seems to be a problem on the plugin side. There I found no log…

You can change the log_level of Vaultwarden to debug or trace if you want.

That should provide the most verbose logging

Okay I found the issue, but I’m further not sure if it is a plugin problem or a backend (vaultwarden) problem.
I just know that this problem doesn’t exists on chrome and in the past on firefox:
I fixed the problem by removing my own server url from the lower part of the configuration: