Firefox extension login failure

I have installed the extension in Chrome, MS Edge and FireFox, it works fine in Chrome and MS Edge, but when I try and login to master account using FireFox either using the extension or directy through the web page I get login failed incorrect password.

I have tried uninstalling the extension and reinstalling, I have updated my self host install of bitwarden_rs to vaultwarden and both Chrome and Edge still work fine. I just cannot login with FireFox at all.
I am using FireFox version 88.0.1. and the extension version 1.49.1.
I am using the same login credentials I am using for Chrome and Edge.

Did you do this ?

Connect Clients to your Instance | Bitwarden Help & Support

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Yes I have it pointing to my local self hosted copy of vaultwarden. Like I said it works fine using Chrome and MS Edge, just get this error in fire fox.

This is strange…
I’m using it on Firefox without problem except that the extension doesn’t work with private navigation…

what do you mean private navigation?

@nickm324 well what do you see in the logs of Vaultwarden when this fails? It should at least tell something like failed attempt or something else.

If not, try to increase the log level to debug, restart and check again.

User name and password are correct.

Well you say they are correct, but that is not what the log is showing. Is there maybe some keyboard layout change activated for that specific browser?

What happens if you disable all extensions except bitwarden and try again.

I mean if it works in edge and chrome, i don’t think we can do much since you also demonstrated the server does work.