Vaultwarden CLI Directory Connector Question

Before I can sync my LDAP users and groups bwdc requires I provide some connection information via bwdc config server…

I succeeded in connecting to the server after providing bwdc config server

However, in order to sync my LDAP / Active directory, I need to supply:

bwdc config directory …

However I have no indications anywhere of exactly what the options are for the directory type. If I look into help I only see:

bwdc config directory --help
directory - The type of directory to use.

In my case it is LDAP / Active Directory.

What sayeth the group?


One suggestion is that you can try experimenting with the command by providing various arguments that you think might be relevant for LDAP/Active Directory configuration.
Typically, when configuring LDAP/Active Directory, you would need to provide details such as the server address, port, bind DN (Distinguished Name), and other connection-specific settings. The exact syntax for these options may vary depending on the software and version you are using.