Vaultwarden LDAP

Vaultwarden Version: 1.29.1

Can I use the Bitwarden Directory Connector Desktop App to sync users (Active Directory)?

ViViDboarder/vaultwarden_ldap does not work for me. :neutral_face:

For me, the question is solved.
It is necessary to install Bitwarden Directory Connector program and from Vaultwarden copy the data for connection (the data is displayed to the owner of the organization).

Hello. So are you saying that you have had success connecting Vaultwarden to your LDAP / AD environment? On this link About Directory Connector | Bitwarden Help Center it states only for Teams and Enterprise. I have not used Vaultwarden yet as LDAP / AD is a requirement. There is so little information available on this use case. Any follow up thoughts?

I was not using LDAP/AD on the production server. I preferred to invite users manually.
But Bitwarden Directory Connector worked in my case.

Data is synchronized with the Organization. To connect Bitwarden Directory Connector to an Organization, you need to specify API (client_id, client_secret). The API can be seen by the owner of the Organization: Web Vault - Organization - Settings - API.

Thank you for the reply. I will have a go at it :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about this trick, but I’ll give it a try for sure.

Hi! Did you use an older version of Directory Connector for it to work with Vaultwarden? I’m working on using Azure AD with Vaultwarden but I’ not sure how to make the connection. I’m not sure if it’s possible to accomplished this without Connector.

Thank you!

Hey Josef,

the last known working version of the Bitwarden Directory Connector, is 2.9.2.


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Hi Triskel!

I didn´t know this was the newer version. Thank you!