Vaultwarden Directory Connector CLI (LDAP) Expertise Neededq

Bitwarden CLI and LDAP (Directory Connector) Expertise Needed

My Goals

  1. cron job CLI sync of Samba 4 LDAP (AD) and Vaultwarden users / groups.
  2. smtp configured via CLI so email sent to invite new users upon successful sync

We are setting up Vaultwarden, an opensource variant of Bitwarden on a test server. Our need is to determine how to connect to our LDAP environment using Directory Connector but using only CLI tools.

Our environment is:

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04
  • Vaultwarden (an opensource variant of Bitwarden)
  • Samba 4 (works as Active Directory domain controller)
  • Our server is publicaly accessible with DNS provided by Cloudflare.
  • The software has been installed so all commands only run under a specific user and not root.

We have succeeded in installing Vaultwarden

  • Vaultwarden comes up properly at its web interface

We have succeeded in installing Vaultwarden CLI using their preferred method (NPM)

  • command ‘bw’ provides responses as expected indicating it is installed

We have succeeded in installing the Windows GUI on a desktop computer that can reach the server via our internal network.

  • We HAVE succeeded in syncing our LDAP with Windows Directory Connector pointing to our server on the internal network.

We have succeeded in installing Vaultwarden Directory Connector CLI

  • The command ‘bwdc’ provides respondses as expected indicating it is installed
  • We have NOT succeeded in syncing our LDAP with Directory Connector CLI on the localhost environment.


bwdc usage:

Typing the command:

id and secret are based on my organization API

bwdc login client_id / client_secret

Results in this error:


smtp email:

Do not know where or how to configure this.


  • I am trying to hire someone to help me through this. Please do not try to fix this with ChatGPT. I have already explored ChatGPT and need someone with the knowledge. I do not wish to “learn together” :slight_smile: I wish to be taught.
  • To solve this I will ask that you login to my desktop via a zoom meeting so I can record the solution. It is more important that I learn how it works than it just works.

Thanks for considering this job.


From my experience and what we’ve done at my company, I can only suggest you look for individuals or companies specializing in IT services or system administration.
Check online job boards, freelancing platforms, or IT service provider directories.