Directory Connector Setup Issue

Hi everyone! As stated in the one of the latest releases it is possible now to use last bwdc version. I’ve confiured everything, the last thing that keeps the gates closed is this issue:

Please help out to resolve this issue, no idea what to do. Domain URL is set up via admin page and everything works fine besides this

Important note: vaultwarden and virtual machine with bwdc run both in private network, bwdc connects to ldap and vw by private ip address, no connection problems. However the url that is used to access vaultwarden by users is restricted to be accessed by VPN-networks only on nginx proxy. Probably this one might be causing the issue. Any ideas on how to configure it to run properly? I’ve tried to set up other options in bwdc connection settings, such as those:

However if that is the case, i’m getting logged out as soon as i hit sync button. Probably because this url is unaccessible by vm which runs bwdc and i’m receiving 403 errors somewhere

Without further testing IRRC the BWDC now uses the Bitwarden Public API to push the changes to your Organization. You may need to allow traffic externally for this to work properly, specifically the API URL I would try that first.

Q: Do I need to allow any URLs?

A: In order to allow the server to push notifications to Bitwarden clients, you will need to allow the following URLs through your firewall:

You used the wrong field to enter your Vaultwarden instance.
In needs to be in the Web Vault Server URL not in the API Server URL

It’s wrong only on screenshot, sorry for misleading. JFI - i go for http://ip:port in Web Vault Server URL, instead of domain that vw is configured to listen in config.json, because VM with bwdc can’t access this url. Is this the thing that causing the issue?

Well, BWDC needs to be able to connect, else it can’t do anything of course.

I’m not sure if using an IP causes an issue, I don’t think it should.

Seems like issue was in IP address, i’ve opened ACL to be able for bwdc to access vaultwarden by URL and it doesn’t throw any errors anymore. Synced users via User sync, group seem to be not working, however, It’s not that big of an issue, as we can still sync users in particular group by LDAP-filter. Thanks everyone!

Are you sure you enabled group support?
Or have provided the correct ldap query?