Update Bitwarden on Synology

How can I Update the Bitwarden_rs on my Synology? I installed Bitwarden with Docker and I don’t know how the updates are working. It’s doing automatically?

Thanks for the help

You can view the wiki entry for updating the bitwarden_rs image at https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs/wiki/Updating-the-bitwarden-image

You basically have a few options: you can create an alias/script to manually update to the latest bitwarden_rs image or a specific release version on your own schedule when you feel its appropriate, or you can setup a cron job (*Task Schedule on Synology?) to update it automatically.

These are the cron entries I use for docker to: prune any older images at 2:04am, then pull the latest image and restart bitwarden at 2:05am.

4 2 * * * docker system prune -f >/dev/null

5 2 * * * docker pull bitwardenrs/server:latest >/dev/null && systemctl restart bitwarden.service

*I don’t use Synology, but I gather that you’d setup a Task Schedule to run both sets of docker commands a minute apart? Also, be sure to change ‘systemctl restart bitwarden.service’ to whichever method you use to stop and start your docker for bitwarden.