Migrating from bitwarden_rs to vaultwarden on Synology NAS

Hi all.
If I’m correct, it’d be better to uninstall bitwarden_rs and install vaultwarden. Is there any guide on how to do this? Or anyone who can tell me how I should proceed?
I’m on a Synology NAS.

In theorie you should only need to change the image name that’s all.
I do suggest to make a backup first of course in case something goes wrong.

Thank you @BlackDex.

  1. Backup, you mean exporting everything from my Bitwarden app on my PC?
  2. so I shouldn’t download the Image, as I did here? →
  3. where should I change the name eventually?
    Thanks again!

I don’t know how the synology works, but for the container there should be a volume which holds the persistent data. That volume should be backed-up.

I have no clue on how to change the image name from bitwarden_rs to vaultwarden on a synology. You may need to create a new container using the same volume, i really have no clue.

Ok - I did it.
I downloaded the vaultwarden Image (as seen in my previous screenshot).
Then I clicked on “launch” and configured the docker container with the same parameters as bitwarden one. The only thing I did before this, was to SSH into the Synology and copy “docker/bitwarden” folder (and contents) to “docker/vaultwarden” (this way I did a backup too).
In the new Vaultwarden container I set the latter to be mounted as /data and changed the port mapped to TCP/80 on the old bitwarden_rs to something different, so that I could reuse this port for Vaultwarden.
Started it and it works well! :slight_smile:
Hope this can be of help for somebody else eventually.