Questions regarding your updatepolicy

in my opinion, your solution is the best for self-hosting, my installaltion is running on an synology and, compared to the original bitwarden, the performance is awesome - so thanks a lot!!! I wonder, if bitwarden_rs is a fork of bitwarden and if you update the different parts? E.g. the bitwarden/web is version 2.13.1, yours is 2.12.1 …

I know, this new version was just published on yesterday … and i dont want you to think: uuuuh, thiy guy is impatient.

It is just a general question: Do you watch the changelog and the releases of bitwarden an implement them in bitwarden_rs???

And: There are different docker containers, e.g. latest and 1.14 - is there a a realeasemanagement process? After what period will 1.14 become latest???

Thanks a lot,

Bitwarden_rs the server software is not a fork of the official bitwarden, but we do use their web vault code.

Generally speaking, I do follow the releases for the web vault and try to keep it updated, for example, the new release you mention is included in the latest image, and in the release of bitwarden_rs 1.14.1 that I’ll make in a couple of days.

The latest image follows the changes in the repo, so every time I make a new change it gets published as a new image using the latest tag, that means a lot of frequent updates and it’s more the equivalent of what other softwares call a nightly build, but it should be pretty stable for daily use anyway.

Apart from that, from time to time I make a release when I’m sure that the recent changes haven’t introduced any bugs so these might provide a bit more stability.

So if you want the shiniest stuff, use latest, if you prefer a bit more stability and reviewing the changelog before updating use one of the tagged releases.

Hope that helps!

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Uuhhhh, these are really good news - thank you for that.