Monitoring my bitwarden_rs instance

Hello everybody,
I have installed a personal instance of bitwarden_rs in a docker on a Synology NAS.
This NAS sometimes reboots for various reasons, when it reboots docker is relaunch automatically and the bitwarden_rs container also…
but sometimes i’ve the feeling that the startup of the bitwarden container doesn’t goes well (I have not identified clearly what is happening but I can’t synchronise my passwords on my phone or on my PC)

My question is :
Is there a way to monitor the health of the container ? (maybe an integration with some tools like netdata) How to konw if is it up ? if is it functionnal ? and maybe force a reboot of the container…
Does somebody has already done this and how ?
May thanks

There already is a default health check integrated which is checked by docker, so check docker should be enough.

It does this btw by checking /alive