SMTP Email Settings

Hi, just updated another VaultWarden to the latest pull (2.19.0) on my Synology. This one I am able to get into the admin portal.

However, when I clicked on “SMTP EMail Settings” button, it doesn’t expand…

Thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Are you using windows as an os? And which browser?
Try to hover somewhere until the pointer changes and then click.

oh man, finally found out what it wants.

If I mouseover the word/area where it says “SMTP Email Settings”, no reactions…BUT if I mouseover the white area to the write (still within the box), then the menu expands…

Thanks, BlackDex, for your assistance.

@copenhaus, i would still like to know which os and which browser versions, because that shouldn’t be the case.

Windows 10.21h1, Chrome 91.0.4472.164