Pulling in the latest image

hi, despite my repeated running of “docker pull vaultwarden/server:latest”, it remained 2023.3.0

I thought “2023.4.3” designation is bitwarden. bitwarden should be like “1.28.1”, right?

not sure what’s going on…

You can pull until your fingers lost there fingerprints, it will never have 2023.4.x, unless you opt for using :testing instead of :latest

Latest is linked to the latest release, testing to the main git branch.

So, maybe not never, but at least not until we released a new version :wink:

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I think there’s a typo in your question, and it’s not very clear. Do you mean “vaultwarden should be like “1.28.1”, right”

2023.3.0 appears to be BitWarden versions, whereas 1.28.1 is VaultWarden versions. The latest released VaultWarden shows as 2023.3.0 on the web interface, which packages up the latest VaultWarden release. I wondered the same thing once, and found a mapping, but don’t recall where it is.

Short answer: don’t worry about it.

that’s what I am saying though. If you look again at the bottom of the login screen, it says “Vaultwarden (unofficial Bitwarden® server) Version 2023.3.0”

so I am running Vaultwarden, but it’s version 2023.3.0

I’m on the same version. I believe that’s the latest version available using Docker.

I don’t know why the server version is reported like that rather than the 1.28.1 format. You’d probably have to find someone who’s been around for a while who knows about the history.

The 2023.3.0 version you see is for the web-vault client that is pre-packaged with the Vaultwarden server image.

The web is just a client app like the browser extension, desktop, or mobile apps. With the exception that the Vaultwarden team runs some scripts to make some slight alterations to the web-vault (things like subscription fields, etc.) for things that are not relevant to Vaultwarden, but otherwise the web client is simply just the official Bitwarden web app.
Hence the Bitwarden version of 2023.3.0, but different version for Vaultwarden 1.28.1

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