Image Release Tags

I’ve been doing some reading and seeing a lot of people with version issues.

Is it possible to have the image tag actually say the server release version rather than just latest?

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Not if you want it to be updated easily.
Also, all images have a version tagged image available, so, you can use vaultwarden/server:1.27.0

But, that would prevent easy update by just using pull

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Also, the version issues you are probably revering to is because Bitwarden released new clients which are not backwards compatible with older server versions. That same goes for Vaultwarden.

And because clients are most likely being updated automatically, people are having issues logging in afterwards.

I think it’s more that people are running 2 year old versions of Vaultwarden, there’s nothing that stands out saying their out of date; short of going to /admin. Additionally, when we (you) ask for Vaultwarden version they give the wrong info (web vault version) instead because they don’t know about the /admin and that is where the server version is. I know this tripped me up the first time. Just thinking if there some better way to help reduce the amount of time spent (on your part) in having to respond to the version issue threads. Even though it’s clearly a pinned issue/discussion to check the version or update VW before creating an issue.

It also clearly states it in the issue template.
Only way i can think of is creating some fixed templates which forces users to provide specific info.
I haven’t had time or interest into looking further into creating those templates

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