Pull Latest Image still 2.25.1?

Trying to ascertain or understand why when I pull a fresh image in docker I always get 2.25.1.

Has the image not been updated since beginning of the year please?

I see updates on Github to 2.28, but the version is not reflected when I pull a fresh image.

I have even created virtual server and pulled a fresh image and still get 2.25???

Any help greatlky appreciated.

Bitwarden is not vaultwarden…The last release from vaultwarden are from 30.1.22

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ok so your stating that this software is not getting updated with latest updates and security bug fixes?

Vaultwarden is NOT Bitwarden (and also not a fork of it). It’s a separate, independent, program that behaves like the Bitwarden server, so that you can use e.g. the Bitwarden clients, etc.

So even if Bitwarden (server) is updated, this doesn’t mean that Vaultwarden has to update anything. They don’t have the same bugs or security fixes, etc.

Also, the version visible on the web interface is the web-vault version and not the Vaultwarden version it self. Besides that, if you want the latest version i suggest to use the testing tagged images which are always build based upon the main branch.

Which btw has v2.28.0 version of the web-vault.

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