How to update web-vault

Sorry if this is too obvious.

I updated bitwardenrs/server docker. It is now version 1.18.0. Diagnostics page shows that 1.18.0 is already installed and latest version. However, same page shows that web-vault is version 2.17.1 while the latest version is 2.18.1.

How can I update the web-vault to 2.18.1? Isn’t web-vault included in the server docker?

I would appreciate clarification. Thank you.

I am also very much interested.

I have in Diagnostics

and my only Bitwarden docker is updated nightly.

What is the “Web installed” information actually about? I first thought that this would be the Chrome extension, but it is at 1.48.1 in my case

Web refers to the web vault, which is versioned separately from the backend server. This is true with upstream Bitwarden as well.

The web vault version bundled with the bitwarden_rs Docker image is usually, but not always, the latest. Unless you know what you’re doing (and you probably don’t, unless you closely follow changes to the bitwarden_rs source code), you shouldn’t upgrade it separately since there are some customizations specific to bitwarden_rs. See also: Which container image to use · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs Wiki · GitHub.

Thank you for the details.

But in that case, I am not sure I understand your question: the docker container contents are going to update when they update, right? There is nothing else one can do except updating the image?

Yes, most users should just pull the latest tag to update when the next release comes out, which should be soon. Or users willing to live with a little more excitement in their password management life can use the testing tag, which currently comes with the latest web vault. See Which container image to use · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs Wiki · GitHub for the different tags available.

Yes, I understand all of this (I run many docker containers, either built by someone from Docker Hub, or with my own code - I have a home DRP that relies on these setups).

In that context I just did not understand why you are asking your question in the first place, since the update will happen when it will happen. Ahhhh @jjlin, I just realized that you are not OP. Sorry for the confusion!

Maybe i need to remove this specific check, and only show the version. It is causing confusion.

Since everything comes in a standalone package the end-user does not have control over, I think this is a good idea (also probably the “Server Latest” one).

No, the server latest i will leave, since people forget to update there containers.
So that is actually needed.