Password prompt to auto save not working with organization member w/ org policies

Please help me determine if this is a Vaultwarden issue or upstream issue.

Back story I have created an organization and invited a user to it. I then applied the following two policies which I believe is contributing to my issue: Single Organization & Remove Individual Vault.

When my user goes to a site to login they don’t get the Bitwarden prompt to save their password. This is so far happening on Chrome Browser Extension.

When I go to the same site, as an organization Owner, I get prompted to save the password. As a test I had the user sign into my browser extension to test (ruled out whether there was something up on their computer browser). On my browser (where I know my account works) they do not get the pop up. So I ruled out the browser and the only thing I can think of is due to the organizational policies.

I then confirmed this only happens when an organization member is on the “User” level I think “manger” level, but doesn’t happen on the “admin” or “owner” level.

Options to ask to save have already been checked in the extension settings.

Bitwarden bug as discussed, though as you are an Org owner, the enterprise policy would not apply to you hence why it functions as intended.

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Ah perfect thank you! Glad they recognized it too.