Shared password with org, but other org user shows different password

Hello, I’ve got an org setup for household use and moved some passwords to the org so my wife can view them. She was a fresh account and doesn’t use vaultwarden as her primary password manager (try as I might), the only things she can see are the shared org credential details. The problem is when she opens them, the passwords are all wrong.

For example, when I view the hulu entry in our org, I see the correct password, but when she pulls it up it is vastly different.

Is there an org setting that I’m missing somewhere?

If you have shared it via the org, that is almost impossible.
Try to login with two different browsers or devices on the web-vault with both accounts, one on device 1 and the other on device two, and compare there if everything is the same, including the last updated time.

That’s what I thought, but that is what appears to be happening.

Left side is my wife’s iphone on the web portal and right is my desktop with our respective accounts.
The sync time, notes, etc all match - just not the passwords.

I’ve completely removed the secondary account. Reinvited and added back to the ORG and it is still showing the wrong password. Thoughts on what could cause this?

Because the password field has yellow background my guess would be that there is something (i.e. the browser) filling out the password field. Can you maybe restrict the access to view only and see if this problem persists? Alternatively your wife could try the Bitwarden app?

I can confirm too, when accessing the web vault on iOS safari browser (which is depicted in the left screenshot) the only way to get the password field highlighted in yellow is by clicking on that field and doing an auto fill of that field.

Otherwise I do not have the same issue between me and a shared user of an organization.