Disabled personal vault + ask to save

Hi. Exploring VaultWarden last week for potential small biz deployments.

Pretty decent yet I don’t like the lack of user management functions I’m familiar with other pass managers. So I’ve concluded I’d only ever use policies “personal vault disabled” + “single organization.” That way its impossible for items to belong to a specific staff / email account and potentially get lost. If items must belong to the organization then risk adverted.

However by default it would appear that upon disabling the personal vault the ability to auto save passwords is lost. It may prompt but will never save. It references folders only which don’t exist for accounts with personal vault disabled.

Is there anyway to allow “ask to save” to prompt for organization “collection” rather than local folders / personal vault?

That is probably more a client side thing. Which is not what Vaultwarden maintains. Vaultwarden is only the server backend with some minor modifications on the web-vault to make it work correctly.

I am currently testing this setup with those policies, in preparation of migrating some off lastpass. I will test this functionality and let you know. I never tried the auto save action.

Understood. I’ve yet to try Bitwarden so not sure if “ask to save” can work direct to collection there either. Just know some users would miss auto save/update so figured ask.

Not sure if the “admin password reset” aspect of the Bitwarden is open sourced and maybe could get introduced to vault warden at some point? If I could control encryption keys from admin account I wouldn’t be so keen on disabling users personal vaults.

On another note - Kudos to devs on Org event log + recent groups addition. Good stuff.

Cool. Thanks.
I tried several times. Even tried disabling lastpass extention if it was conflicting.
But as soon as I re-enabled Org’s personal vault the “manager” account immediately saved it.
If I recall correctly I then tried disabling personal vault again and then updating a website pass with an existing collection login item to see if it could auto update and couldn’t get it to prompt. I’ll test that again later today.

Well, the ask to save will not work differently, since they still are Bitwarden clients, and nothing to do with the server side.

Regarding the master password reset, that only works for org users, and only via the web-vault via the organization interface, not via the admin /admin interface provides by Vaultwarden.