Error/Feature when moving passwords from personal vault to organization?

Maybe i didn’t quite understand this correct.
I just created an organization with some collections in VW and wanted to move some entries from my personal vault to the organization which is possible.
But after “moving” entries they remain in the personal vault but are now shared with the organization which wasn’t exactly what I wanted and for my understanding moving is a lot different from sharing.
Is this supposed to be this way in Vaultwarden resulting in sharing an entry with a organization rather than moving an entry from my personal vault into the organization?

Any help is very welcome

I’m not sure where you see sharing, because that was a very old name used by Bitwarden which was actually wrong. Since “Sharing” actually means moving/transfer ownership to the organization.

This is just how Bitwarden works.
If you want them back into your own ownership either restore a backup or try to export them from the organization and import them into your personal vault.

Or, you can clone the items one-by-one to your own personal vault.

Thanks for your reply.

But when I’m in the personal vault and hover with my mouse over a new entry in the Desktop App I can choose between View/Edit/Clone/Copy Password while accessing my vault with the browser there I have the options Copy Username/Copy Password/Launch/Attachments/Clone/Move to Organization/Delete.
“Moving to Organization” should result in a deleted entry in my personal vault and a new entry in the organization. Otherwise “Sharing with Organization” which is not available would which is not available but seems to be the result when “moving” to the organization.

This is how sharing work in Bitwarden, they actually renamed it to “move to an organization” to more accurately describe how the entry is shared.

When an item is moved from a personal vault to an Organization it is not “shared” but moved into the ownership of that organization, hence the new name.
That item is owned by the Org, so there isn’t an easy way to “reclaim” ownership of needed, but you can copy the entry back into your personal vault.

Items in an Organization, will show up in your “personal vault” as a organization item with the appropriate icon next to the entry to indicate that is is an organization item.
As long as your user has read access to an item or collection in an organization those items in that collection will show up in your personal vault.
These can be “removed” from the personal vault view by removing the view permissions, but as an organization owner that user will still have access to and be able to view all items in an organization from the organization page, but not directly from their personal vault.

Hope that better explains why you are seeing things the way you are.

Thanks a lot for your explanation cksapp.
Finally the penny has dropped!