Odd issues after Bitwarden extension update (2023.7.0)?

I started having weird issues with Vaultwarden in my browser this morning and it looks like the Bitwarden extension (for Edge) was updated:


First, I had to re-login to VW (I have it set to just lock on browser close) and now I am seeing very slow performance when clicking on the extension. I get the spinner on a gray screen for about 8 seconds, and then a black screen for another 8 secodns before the vault displays, and auto-fill doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I’m going to try restarting my VW container, but was wondering if anyone else has seen any problems. I upgraded to VW 1.29 back on July 9 when the web vault was still 2023.5.0.

Ok, known issue with the latest extension:

Slow performance in v2023.7.0 for Edge extension · Issue #5807 · bitwarden/clients (github.com)

I side-loaded the new 2023.7.1 release of the browser extension (since it’s not available from the store yet) and that resolved the issue.


Hi, I’m a bit out of the loop with what’s gone on, all I kniwnis that Bitwarden no longer works in chrome or edge. I currently host Bitwarden on my Raspberry Pi and can access it using the Bitwarden app on Android but it looks like the desktop browser extensions are dead. Is there a Vault warden for Pi and would this get the browser extensions working again?


Here is the version…

I enter the self hosting details which I know work as I can clap the address and login but when entering them into the browser extension I with my username and password I get the following error.

What version of the VW server are you running?