Bitwarden running on Portainer (Browser Extensions Not Working)

Hello, I am running bitwarden in Portainer on a Raspberry Pi and it has worked flawless for years. The current issue I am facing is that the Bitwarden browser extension no longer works. It used to but just stopped so something has broken. I can login using the android app to my self hosted server and can also login using desktop browser when the address is type just not the browser extension in any browser. I updated to the latest browser extension.

Is vaultwarden available for portainer? If so is there a guide to getting it working?

I can only reply x3 times on here as I am new, please help.

The erros message I get is cannot read properties of null


It seems like you are still using the old bitwardenrs/server image which has been deprecated.

Also see this pinned issue

in your browser extension, can you make sure that you are pointing to your BW’s URL?