Unable to log in with browser extension

Hi there,

Since 2 days now I’m not able to log in anymore using the Chrome browser extension.
Everything is fine using the mobile app or the web page directly, all my data is fine and still present, using the same credentials.

But I’m being said that username or password are incorrect using the browser extension (whatever the browser, tried Chrome, Brave, Firefox) at version 2023.1.0.

Here is the log on the docker image of my self-hosted vaultwarden:

[2023-01-13 14:07:23.530][request][INFO] POST /identity/accounts/prelogin
[2023-01-13 14:07:23.530][response][INFO] 404 Not Found
[2023-01-13 14:07:23.546][request][INFO] POST /identity/connect/token
[2023-01-13 14:07:23.842][vaultwarden::api::identity][ERROR] Username or password is incorrect. Try again. IP: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd. Username: XXXXXXX.
[2023-01-13 14:07:23.842][response][INFO] POST /identity/connect/token (login) => 400 Bad Request

It seems it was still working on Firefox with an old version of the browser extension before it gets upgraded to latest.

Is there any new feature or interface change of the original product that has not been ported yet to vaultwarden?

I’m running self-hosted vaultwarden in a docker and I have a reverse proxy running on another machine. Is there something to change on this side maybe ?


Make sure you’ve updated vaultwarden to version 1.27.0

Damn it!
I found this topic while searching the internet for a solution of my problem.
I then ran what I thougt would be an update of the docker image, and I saw it was then running Bitwarden 2.25.0, so I guessed it was up-to-date.
My apologies, I will have a better check at this an really update the docker image.
Sorry for the unecessary topic…

Works fine with a real upgrade of the image :upside_down_face: