Need help with 2FA setup with Bitwarden RS

Hello all,

I have the Google and Microsoft Authenticator app running on my iphone and work with them as well.

But now I see in the Bitwarden entries always the field

Authentication Key (TOTP)

where behind it is grayed out a 6-digit number.

If I have understood it correctly (sorry my English is not so good), it is possible to set up somehow that the Bitwarden server serves as authenticator (so instead of Google or Microsoft).

Can someone please explain me step by step what to do. Is this even possible with the self-hosted Bitwarden RS version?

Thanks a lot


Hi I have bitwarden_rs self hosted, and it’s walking perfectly, but I’m using the Authy app for 2fa maybe that’s the problem

See Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) | Bitwarden Help & Support