Latest release 1.24.0 rolled back to 1.23.1 on github?

As the title says… I have server 1.24.0 running but looking at github this version is not available anymore…

Any reason for this?

Where do you see this version is not available??

The tagged version is still available but the repository is missing 1.24.0 as the latest release.

This was not the case a few days ago:

Further infos: I am monitoring in 12 hour intervals and therefore the latest version went missing sometime in the morning of 2022-05-10 UTC time.

Same thing with some other repositories I monitor, so I am wondering what happened.

Investigated a bit further; seems to be a Github bug where Github chooses the wrong version to show as “latest”.

Direct link to is working, it just doesnt show up anywhere under releases.

And another response, same issue was as mentioned also in other projects I follow.

At Uptime-Kuma the maintainer went to the direct link of the latest version and saved it, then it showed up regularly as latest release again.

See discussion here: Where is Version: 1.15.1 on Github? · Issue #1632 · louislam/uptime-kuma · GitHub

Version 1.24.0 is marked as the latest release again.