Should the version # on the website match the release # on github?

I have been trying to upgrade to the latest Vaultwarden release - 2.22.2, however either I’m doing something wrong or you guys forgot to update the version number in the footer of the website.

I deleted and re-downloaded Vaultwarden’s docker image using the :latest tag, and when ran, the website shows version 2.21.1

I thought - huh weird, maybe my vps provider uses an internal docker cache or something, so I downloaded the image using the :2.22.2 tag, so I specifically get the new version.

When I run it however, the website still shows as running version 2.21.1.

Now, my question is - is it me doing something wrong, or should I go report this on github?

The latest version of vaultwarden is v1.22.2, and the latest web-vault available is v.2.21.1 which currently is compatible with Vaultwarden. So everything is correct.

You misread the v1.xx.x of the vaultwarden version as v2.xx.x.