Is this expected behaviour? "We were unable to process your request"

Hi. I recently reinstalled vaultwarden server and Bitwarden android app, and while everything works as expected, some error messege that I have never seen popped up.

After entering domain and email, and before adding password on the login phase, the android app shows the messege “We were unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us”. Tapping okay and logging into the app works fine. As a matter of fact the whole app works fine. I am not quite sure what the messege is about.

In the docker log it just says:

[TIMESTAMP][request][INFO] GET /api/devices/knowndevice/myemail/...
[TIMESTAMP][_][WARN] Response was `None`.
[TIMESTAMP][_][WARN] Responding with registered (api_not_found) /api 404 catcher.
[TIMESTAMP][response][INFO] (web_files) GET /<p..> [10] => 404 Not Found

I looked around and I couldn’t find any similiar symptoms so I leave a post here.
It works fine, but I am wondering if something broke without my knowledge and it’s something I should be worried about. Is this something I can ignore?

You are using a newer client with an older server. The current main branch has these endpoints already.

I recently installed vaultwarden on Synology docker and was able to access the web over desktop and iphone. However iOS app fails to connect with this error "We were unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us”. When I check the logs on the docker there is absolutely no hit happening.

Also, I noticed one important thing on my desktop. I tried logging into bitwarden chrome extension and it always failed. It succeeded only after logging on the chrome browser web interface.