iOS app connection error - 404 for /api/devices/knowndevice/


after my first enthusiasm about vaultwarden with a setup of the docker images behind a nginx reverse proxy as proposed in the vaultwarden wiki, I’m now stuck when trying to access it from the iOS client “Bitwarden_Mobile/2022.11.0 (iOS 16.1.1; Model iPhone)”:
I always get an error “We could not process your request. Please try again or contact us.”

The web vault works fine as well as the Mac OS client. Only from the iPhone I get the problem. In the nginx access log I can see that the mobile app triggers a rest api request
GET /bitwarden/api/devices/knowndevice/<my-email>/<uuid>
which returns a 404 - not found.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
Any help would be highly appreciated as I’m running out of ideas right now.


I still get the error message “We could not process your request. Please try again or contact us.” but can click it away now and I am able to login and synchronize my iOS Bitwarden mobile app now. The configuration was not changed on the server side except that I enabled 2-FA with FIDO.

The question about the api request
GET /bitwarden/api/devices/knowndevice/<my-email>/<uuid>
that causes an error message in the app remains.
Is it possible to handle this request gracefully in the vaultwarden server? Or is there a workaround and return a response in the nginx reverse proxy to make the client happy?

Use the testing tagged release for now, those have those have this fixed.

Ok, I‘ll try that. It’s good to hear that the issue is known and already taken care of. Thanks!