Bitwarden App Not working


I have Vaultwarden server deployed on a VPS via docker works fine via web but now with every new version of Bitwarden app on Linux I can login but keeps loading indefinitely !

Please help !

Hello i have the exact same problem with two different vaultwarden versions:
(Web vault) Version 2023.7.1
Version 2024.1.2

The browser plugin works and on Windows everything is fine but on linux i get this loading screen.

Those web-vaults are old, unless you use the 2024.1.2b version.
That is the version shipped with the last stable release pf Vaultwarden.

I use latest version just letting you know. And it’s not an issue with vaultwarden I am having same issue on official AppImage, Flatpak and native package… So it’s something with Bitwarden