Invite Users from Azure AD

Hello! I already have Vaultwarden implemented and I want to connect it with Azure AD so that users receive invitations to Vaultwarden using their Azure user, without creating a new user. Is this possible? I’ve read that some people have done it but I can’t find documentation, also I’ve seen that an older version of Directory Connector v292 is needed and I can’t find it. Does anyone have any ideas or could give me some guidance?

I’m not sure if Directory Connector is necessary to make the connection or if the linking can be made creating an app in Azure.

Thank you!

I believe what you are looking for here is considered Login with SSO which as I recall is not available in Vaultwarden as this section in the Bitwarden code is not covered under the standard open-source licenses and is instead only released under a “source available” license.

Though your users would still need to memorize a master password even using Login with SSO to decrypt their vault, so even if this was possible you would likely still need a self-managed Key Connector setup, which I believe is also under the more restrictive license.

For some of these enterprise level features which Vaultwarden doesn’t support, you may wish to get a valid license for the official Bitwarden service.


Thank you for your input. I’ve come across a repository where this is explained. While I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, it appears that there has been a development in using Azure AD for authentication. I’ll leave it here in case this helps someone: