Hep with synchronization Vaultwarden with AD

A good ppl please help I have already spent a lot of time to figure out on how I can Invite all my users From Entra ID to VaultWarden I dont need an SSO ony invitation.
I have tried GitHub - ViViDboarder/vaultwarden_ldap: Automate LDAP invites to Vaultwarden for some issues witch I can not figured out Its not inviting users, but I can execute ldapsearch from container witch runs ldap tool but app still giving me TLS errors.
Another solution I thought will work is a custom py script witch will retrieve users from Entra ID using graph api and add them to Vaultwarden I have added in my docker compose API_ENABLED: “true” but when testing via CURL receiving HTML.
And the last thing I have looked for is the Directory connector 2.9.2 witch asks me for a Client ID and Client secret witch I cant find where to get.
So someone who have successfully achieved the thing on witch I an working for a long time (Really long time) can you send me any document any step by step guide how I can implement this thanks for advise
P.S If it will be helpfull I have deployed it on AWS EC2 using docker, can share my docker compose file if needed