Directory Connector support

Hello, I use the image version 1.19 and try to use Directory Connector in version 2.9.0. I can setup the connection to LDAP and Bitwarden, filter also fine. I get the message of the user to be synced, but the users are not shown in the user list of Bitwarden admin. I think the feature is not supported and so I make all correct? my wish is, please activate the Directory Connector.


It already is as stated in the changelog: Release 1.19.0 · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs · GitHub

I haven’t used this feature my self, so i have no idea how it works exactly. But users are invited and should appear in the /admin interface.

Thank you so much for starting the experimental phase for the directory sync. Can you tell us, when this feature will be more supported? I think this is very important for more than 10 Users and using more and more the Azure AD or AD/LDAP.
Just moving the users from one org to another is sadly not enough. we need to authenticate with the ldap user, so not creating a new password, but using the ldap information /credentials.