Directory Connector support

Hello, I use the image version 1.19 and try to use Directory Connector in version 2.9.0. I can setup the connection to LDAP and Bitwarden, filter also fine. I get the message of the user to be synced, but the users are not shown in the user list of Bitwarden admin. I think the feature is not supported and so I make all correct? my wish is, please activate the Directory Connector.


It already is as stated in the changelog: Release 1.19.0 · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs · GitHub

I haven’t used this feature my self, so i have no idea how it works exactly. But users are invited and should appear in the /admin interface.

Thank you so much for starting the experimental phase for the directory sync. Can you tell us, when this feature will be more supported? I think this is very important for more than 10 Users and using more and more the Azure AD or AD/LDAP.
Just moving the users from one org to another is sadly not enough. we need to authenticate with the ldap user, so not creating a new password, but using the ldap information /credentials.

I believe you are looking for SSO features.
Currently the official LDAP connector used by Bitwarden only allows for invitations and user/group enrollment and removal with sync.

The LDAP connector does not allow for LDAP binding and using the LDAP password for master password.
SSO might be able to do this with Azure AD and SAML, but the devs for Vaultwarden do not plan to implement SSO currently.

And then still with SSO you need to have a separate password.
This is because the password is used to encrypt and decrypt the vault. SSO only makes it easier to have used management and allow access or not.

You always need to have a master password no matter what type of login you use. See Access Your Vault Using SSO | Bitwarden Help & Support