Create Users with Directory Connector and Azure Ad

I am from a medium sized company and we would like to use Vaultwarden for our employees.
But most of them find it too difficult to register on our Vaultwarden website.
So we want to automatically create an account for everyone and invite them to the organisation.
Is this already possible with the Bitwarden Directory Connector via Azure AD?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Using the Connector with Azure AD here…
No, the Connector will send an Invitation to the User (and can restrict the access)… but cant create an account for the user

Or is there anyway to automatically create accounts?

Hi Kiril,
is there a tutorial for the Connector?
And what does the “restrict the access” means?
Thank you!


Do you have any documentation on how to configurate Azure AD and Vaultwarden?

Thank you!