Few insights about vault warden

After using vaultwarden for more than a year,
I have few insights that I would like to share with you,

  • First of all, thanks for all the job that you did there, it is huge !

  • Many collections and items leads to slow down a lot the application

I have hundreds of collections and thousands of items, unlocking my vault can take me more than 45 sec sometimes,
but I guess we can’t do anything about that due to heavy calculous needed for decrypt.

  • API calls to create organization and collections

There is no way to automate the creation of organization and collection with API call (https://bitwarden.com/help/api/).
I’m using the CLI to create collection but it would be much easier and efficient to create API call to manage these two features.

Except those two points I’m glad to use it.
Thanks a lot again :pray:

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Regarding the speed, that is something we already know. Depending on what kind of database you use it very differs in speeds. This has different causes like type of database, latency, storage type, network speed etc…

Though some items could be optimized, but that will take some time to dive into.

Regarding the API. We do not support those API calls at all with Vaultwarden. Also, creating an org needs some special crypto calls to generate keys etc… Which is done by the web-vault, and not the server. That is why there are no API calls for those items.

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