Vaultwarden Slow


I have about 1000 passwords in Vaultwarden / Bitwarden. Another organization and in it about 20,000 passwords. When starting the Windows client it takes approx. 20 seconds.
Everything within the client is very slow and each additional search takes around 20 seconds.
With the Chrome extension it always takes around 20-30 seconds for the entry to appear.
Is this normal with so many passwords? or am I using the wrong database?

I have a certificate with an Opnsense with HAProxy in front of the server. But the server is bored and the Bitwarden server is not busy either. As if only the database was slow?!?

This has nothing to do with the backend or which database. This will also happen with Bitwarden. The clients need to decrypt and handle everything, they do the searches etc…

There might be optimizations that can be done on the client side, but that is not handled by this project.

Also, you could check the response time via the developer console (F12) how long it takes the server to respond to the /sync endpoint.