Initial observations

Just move over from lastpass to self hosted vw. Useful to use organisations for the Family and got separate collections based on different sets of access permissions.

Some things have the feeling of being part finished though and I wanted to just share the things I see that could make it better:

Organisations have collections, perhaps vaults have folders. Makes this quite illogical - why not just have collections containing folders as a hierarchy everywhere? Only difference is you can set permissions on connections not folders.

Other functionality not working uniformly like having to be in the org vault view to clone an item. The personal and shared vaults should ideally be identical in operation apart from the membership.

Very limited subset of field types for custom fields - er, date, surely.

No templating - cloning items is messy.

Switching off Name and Vault above every custom field - why m just show the field babe as text and the value as an input box.

Very limited buying in types of note. The identity one is nice but useless for passport (since when has a passport number been sufficient without an expiry date?) Templates would fix this but also the Scotty to create a passport items and link it in to an identity one for example.

Maybe it’s just me but these seem obvious omissions at present to make it feel at that first level of a complete app.

Anyone agree?

All of these are front-end concerns with either the Web Vault or with the apps, none of which is controlled by Vaultwarden.

It sounds like you would best be served by bringing these topics in the official Bitwarden Community forums there, as the official Bitwarden company maintains the frontend/backend applications as well as how the product works.

Vaultwarden only provides a 3rd-party compatible backend server to host your own passwords and connect the official Bitwarden client to, similar how the official Bitwarden self-hosted server can be done.